Here are some of the more frequent questions we are asked.

What exactly do you do?

Prosper Labs provides online financial education curriculum. Our Online Learning Center offers 43 learning modules covering the 9 most important facets of financial literacy. It is self-paced and filled with lively video, games, and quizzes.

Additionally, we interact with your participants providing content through social media and email. We encourage positive financial behaviors and relay worthwhile content. Remember your support of Prosper Labs allows us to give our Financial Education tools to not-for-profit organizations that serve the communities in which we work. As a Social Enterprise Company, our only goal is to give access to as many participants as possible. With our unique “BOGO” (buy one, give one) model we hope to provide millions of people access to this life-changing educational solution.

Is this content aligned with Common Core Standards, or Head Start?

Yes, our content was built by educators and meets all federal and state standards. It is continually being updated to make sure we provide a great experience.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Please don't hesitate to call us during normal business hours. Or, feel free to click on the contact us button and drop us an email.

How does the pricing work?

Starting as little as $20.00 per participant, per year we offer a cost-effective solution for organizations of any type and size. Discounts are available for larger organizations. Please give us a call for further pricing.

What should we expect if we engage your firm? What are your timelines, What do you need from us?

  • Depending on your organization's unique needs, we can set up access to your
    organization almost immediately.
  • You will be provided a unique access code for your organization.
  • After you have provided us with a list of your employees' names and emails. We
    will send a welcome email to your participants with access instructions. We
    NEVER sell any information.
  • You will be provided access to your dashboard which allows you to monitor
    usage and progress.
  • Prosper Labs will partner with your organization to make sure your employees are
    utilizing our tools and working with you to better serve your community.