Financial education is an invaluable gift for employees. Plus, with our matching grants program, Prosper Labs also lets you pay it forward to a non-profit organization of your choice.

Help your employees prosper

You know what a valuable asset your employees are. And you know the importance of offering a competitive benefits package. A Prosper Labs license is one of the most valuable benefits any business can give to its employees.

The benefits are life-changing

The tools to succeed

Prosper Labs will equip your employees with the tools and resources they need to prosper in their personal lives. Relieving financial stress at home also makes employees more productive at work.

A powerful competitive edge

Employees want financial education. Giving it to them pays huge dividends in recruitment and in strengthening loyalty.

Prosper Labs makes good financial sense

Affordable for any business

Prosper Labs is committed to making our financial education courses accessible for every business large and small.

Good for everyone

From entry-level staff to c-suite executives, everyone in your organization can benefit from Prosper Labs.

Share the wealth

Buy one, give one

Prosper Labs offers a unique bonus to our business clients. With our buy one, give one option, Prosper Labs will provide matching access grants to a non-profit organization of your choice.

Pay it forward

For every individual Prosper Labs license your business buys, we’ll give the same number of licenses free to a non-profit beneficiary of your choice.

What our clients say

“As someone who was Chief HR Officer at several large public companies with decision-making responsibilities for employee benefit offerings, I found the Prosper Labs financial literacy programs to be the most comprehensive and thorough programs of this nature I have ever seen.”

Diane Davie, Affinity Resources, LLC