Whether it’s funded by your organization or through a matching grant, use Prosper Labs to reward deserving constituents and grow your membership.

Help your organization prosper

Whether you’re an upstart group looking to continue to gain traction or a time-honored association looking to “stay relevant” in a quickly changing world, organizations that focus on the needs of their members will thrive no matter the environment.

A valuable benefit of membership

Reward existing members and attract new members

Prosper Labs is an attractive and economical value-add to offer existing members or attract new members to your organization.

Universal appeal

Sound financial education benefits everyone, in all walks of life. Prosper Labs is equally valuable for your members, your beneficiaries, and your employees and staff.

Another way to do more good

The tools to succeed

Prosper Labs provides the tools and resources to help anyone prosper. Relief from financial pressure dramatically improves qualify of life both personally and professionally.

Affordable for any organization

Prosper Labs is committed to making our financial education courses accessible for associations and non-profit organizations of any size.

Prosper Labs is a great win-win

A win for non-profits…

We offer corporate clients a unique buy one, give one option. For every individual Prosper Labs license a business buys, they can gift the same number of licenses to a non-profit of their choice — including yours.

…A win for your sponsors

It pays to introduce your corporate sponsors to Prosper Labs. Not only do they get to take full advantage of the program, they can repay the favor by providing the same number of Prosper Labs licenses to you for free.

What our clients say

“ASG is excited to work with Prosper Labs to deliver a robust educational experience for our members. We believe that the content, ease-of-use and the social responsibility component benefits the clients we serve.”

David W. Bondeson | CEO/Founder, Assimilated Strategy Group, LLC

“Having a sound understanding of your finances is crucial to the stability of a veteran who is reintegrating back and becoming a part of the community. With the support of Prosper Labs, we are able to provide powerful tools that allow for the veterans to comprehend their finances like never before!”

Bryan Jacobs, Vets 2 Success