The Prosper Labs mission is to make a difference.

That’s our core focus. We’re making a difference by creating a legacy of financial literacy that will benefit individuals, their families and future generations to come. We’re making financial education — and competency — available to everyone. We’re helping people change their lives for the better, and enjoy newfound prosperity.

We’re helping people change their lives for the better

This mission-minded approach is reflected in our economical pricing. What’s more, when a business or association enrolls their employees or members, we’ll give you a matching access grant to provide an equal number of Prosper Labs licenses free to a non-profit organization of your choice.

What does Prosper Labs do?

We empower individuals by providing all the tools they need to take control and proactively manage their finances. Through our comprehensive online financial education courses, participants gain access to a multitude of learning modules that cover the most critical facets for sound financial decision-making.

Whether it’s one person, 100, or a thousand people or more, we can set up access to our online learning platform almost immediately. We’ll provide your primary contact with a unique access code that can be shared internally for your organization. Then you and all your employees, members or students and staff will be all set to go. It’s that easy.