We are group of social-preneurs that are pushing and running as fast and as hard as we possibly can in one simple pursuit – to create a legacy of financial literacy that will eventually impact the lives of billions of people, their families and future generations long after all of us are gone.


Well, outside of possibly nutrition or faith, can you think of one thing that has had a greater impact on past, present and future generations more so than an individual’s financial decisions?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prosper Labs provides a set of comprehensive online financial education courses. Inside our Online Learning Center participants gain access to 45 learning modules that cover the 9 most critical facets for sound financial decision-making. This mobile-friendly courseware is self-paced and filled with lively video, games, and quizzes.

Even though we’re not a non-profit organization, we operate similarly to one. As a social enterprise company, our main focus is simply making a difference, without the motivation of profit. For example, we donate all of our profits to active non-profits that are making a positive difference in our communities. In addition, when a business or association enrolls their employees or members, with our Buy One Give One (BOGO) model, through a partnership with Prosper America a 501(c)3, we provide a matching access grant for FREE to non-profit organizations.

Of course! Please don’t hesitate to call us at 844-273-7832 between 9am – 5pm (EST) Monday through Friday. Or feel free to go to the “Ask Us a Question” below and drop us an email.

We have been told repeatedly that we could and should charge more for access to our courseware, but as a social enterprise company that is committed to making sure anyone and everyone can affordably access this content, we respectfully disagree. Bottom line, our cost-effective solution is intentionally designed to fit well below any budgetary restrictions organizations of any type and size may have. Please give us a call for specific pricing details for your organization.
Depending on your organization’s unique needs, we can set up access to your organization almost immediately. In addition, we provide your organization with tools and resources that promote employee utilization while positively impacting your community.

To get started, simply complete our Organizational Enrollment form and upon receipt of payment, your primary contact will be provided a unique access code that can be shared internally for your organization. If desired, the primary contact can elect to receive a quarterly participation report.