Percentage of U.S. employees that are currently living paycheck to paycheck


Percentage of Americans who DO NOT have $1,000 on hand in case of an emergency


Percentage of employees who want financial education

Knowledge is power –
The power to prosper

Money. Regardless if you have a little or a lot, the reality is very few people truly know how to manage money. Since 2018, Prosper Labs has focused on providing sound financial education. We believe anyone should be able to access this critical material. We want everyone to prosper.

Who We Serve

Corporations &
small businesses

Employees will always be your company’s most valuable resource. Our program not only benefits your staff, it benefits your business and community too.

Associations &

Whether the program is funded by your organization or you’re a designated recipient, we’ll help you reward deserving constituents and grow your membership.

Colleges & educational institutions

Prosper Labs can help you teach students important financial skills that will benefit them all their lives.

& families

There’s no shame in being financially illiterate today. But what about tomorrow? Take control of your finances now.

Everyone can prosper with Prosper Labs

The vast majority of Americans were never properly trained in personal finance. Those who were tended to be more affluent. Good money management shouldn’t be cost-prohibitive. Prosper Labs makes it affordable for everyone.

What our clients say

“Prosper Labs financial education program is fantastic! I am using this with my family and referring them to my business clients to use for themselves and their employees. Their program is helping everyone!”

Gregg Warmbier, (Another of our raving fans!)