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Well, here you go.

Our sole purpose is to provide the necessary tools and resources that eliminate financial illiteracy.

We saw a HUGE need and decided to do something about it

For generations, people have not been properly equipped in the area of personal finance.

We have all seen or heard stories about how money or finances have directly impacted education or career paths, relationships and marriages in so many negative ways. At Prosper Labs, we feel that everyone should have access to this critical material, that it should not be cost-prohibitive, and that learning this content can and should be fun and engaging. Essentially you could say, Prosper Labs was created for you.

The first step in solving any problem is to first recognize there is one.

Percentage of U.S. employees that are currently living paycheck to paycheck
Percentage of Americans that do NOT have $1k on hand in case of an emergency
The typical cost of turnover for replacing an employee earning $30,000
Percentage of employees that want financial education

If knowledge is power, what could mastering this content make you?

With access to over 30 hours of online coursework, participants learn to:
– Identify and understand influences on their financial behaviors
– Create and maintain a personalized budget
– Saving strategies and how to leverage compound interest
– Understand how their credit is scored and learn to create a credit plan
– Saving and preparing for college and retirement
– How to build a financial support team around their goals and dreams
– Plus, much, much more!

We’re out to change the world!
(well, at least equip it.)

YOU get to be the world changers!

Whether your organization is an army of 10, 25 or 100,000, let’s talk. Our turn-key platform allows you to get started quickly and easily. Our mobile-friendly solution can be instantly translated into over 100 languages, allows your participants 24/7 access and incentivizes individual achievement through the earning of points and recognition badges.

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